We constantly strive to achieve excellence. The happiness and satisfaction of our guests is our number one priority!

At Eco Beauty Med Spa

All of our clients are happy to enjoy the highest level of comfort, hygienic practices, and the best waxing experience around!

At Eco Med Spa, we provide a peaceful, rejuvenating retreat for all of our guests.

We offer a menu of non-invasive natural skin care, body care solutions and medical aesthetics treatments. We bring nature and science together to enhance and re-store YOUR YOUTHFUL NATURAL BEAUTY.

We are specialized in laser hair removal and waxing hair removal for men and woman. We have created our own natural painless waxing techniques that focus on sensitive skin and maximizing our client’s comfort and safety!

European Facial

Hydrated skin is healthy skin.

A relaxing and invigorating personalized skin care treatment with a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and hydration. Relax further with a facial massage and a mask suited for your skin type. You will leave with revitalized, glowing, and rejuvenated skin!

European Facial - $85

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Laser Hair Removal For Men & Women

No more unwanted hair and glowing skin that is as smooth as silk. To achieve the best results, we offer the gold standard of laser hair removal.. LightSheer! It is painless, efficient, and 100% safe!

Anti-aging Facial For Skin Rejuvenation

Our anti-aging facial is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments out there! Our formula is designed to deliver oxygen, vitamin A, vitamin C, and trace minerals to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin. Relax with a facial massage and a mask suited specifically to your skin type!

Anti-Aging Facial - $110

The Ultimate Painless Waxing Techniques for men & women

We believe in providing a highly personalized holistic skin care service that is specifically designed to address your every concern and exceed your every expectation.

We have created our own Painless Waxing Techniques for our customer’s maximum comfort and safety. It was developed in house to protect and nourish the skin. We put the focus on making your waxing treatment as comfortable, enjoyable and healthy as possible. We have achieved amazing results and great customer testimonials with our innovative methods!

Each treatment is a customize approach to each individual skin type, skin sensitivity and hair thickness. Our methods are best suited for intimate areas such as the bikini, Brazilian and Manzlian. Our painless waxing technique provides amazing benefits and results. You will enjoy smooth, glowing, and  rejuvenated skin as well as thinner hair!

Ladies Painless Brazilian Waxing to Full Body

Benefits of Painless Brazilian & Manzilian Waxing

  • For most men and women, it is an instant and amazing self-confidence booster.
  • Feel fresh and liberated right from the first session.
  • No more dry skin and less ingrown hair and bumps to deal with compared to shaving or using hair removal cream.
  • With our painless waxing, your hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session. Your hair will re-grow thinner every month!
  • The cleanness, freedom, and fresh look and feel can instantly boost your sex drive!
  • No more shaving the old fashion way! Say goodbye to dry skin, itchy and uncomfortable stubble, and thick hair regrowth!
  • Its more hygienic to be bare down there. This makes it easier to clean and is less irritating during your monthly visit from Mother Nature!
  • We always recommend our clients to exfoliate the skin twice a week for better waxing results!

What is the different between regular waxing vs our exclusive painless waxing techniques

  • When it comes to skin care treatments, We believe in the natural, holistic approach! We focus on our customer’s comfort and maintaining healthy skin!
  • Our painless waxing technique is based on one small taret area at a time. The smaller the strip, the less pain. It takes double the time compared to our competitors. 
  • We take our time and customize our painless waxing techniques to suit your skin type, skin sensitivity, and hair texture.
  • Our painless waxing prevents you from damaged skin and ingrown hair.
  • We always leave the skin smoother, healthier and glowing! It really shows the results right after we finish your first treatment!
  • All our clients, male and female, see immediate results and enjoy many other benefits!

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Defined Brows (Tint & Wax)

Skin lightening for men & women – Complete treatment on intimate areas. The skin lightening treatment gently and effectively lightens the appearance of dark pigmented intimate areas. 

Our Expertise

  • Specialized in holistic painless waxing & hair removal
  • Skincare treatments
  • Laser hair removal
  • Holistic therapies in natural health & beauty