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There is not doubt about the male waxing booking in my office has increase 30% this year, 

Men are adding their waxing to their life style and monthly routine it because the “feeling is amazing’ it is not only because it makes them feel cleaner but also for the esthetic, the illusion of the optical inch, by minimizing hair you maximize the appearance of other parts,

Another reason for the recent rise of manscaping, more men are becoming open to getting waxed because their wives and girlfriends are encouraging them to clean up. The latest report’s shown nine of ten women love their men showing their smooth and clean

With our painless waxing techniques, “It works as a permanent hair removal, without laser and its inexpensive, you will have a natural process for permanent hair removal. “We do not offer superficial waxing” our wa”xing targets the deepest part of the hair by pulling gently the entire hair follicle roots yet allowing you to enjoy a comfortable waxing process.

 It is the AMAZING FEELING from inside out , the cleanliness , the freedom, the hygiene , the freshness,  In addition it boost self-esteem, the (physical & emotional aspects)  removing hair from the body it helps to improve their intimate relationship with their partner


●         Painless waxing reduce pain buy 80% -90%. If this is your first time will reduce the pain by 50%

●         We gently pull small area of hair we remove 100% of hair follicle roots without discomfort.

●         Long-last 2-3 weeks no hair skin

●         Hair texture improvement. Every month your hair will regrow thinner,

●         Deep skin exfoliation unclogs congested pores, leaving the   skin clean, glowing and rejuvenate

●         You’ll notice permanent hair reduction, about 50%-70%

●         At the Gym, you will feel, hair free,  cleaner, less perspiration and Self-confident,

●         This process is like laser hair removal, But this it’s natural and inexpensive

●         It is important to practice twice a week the pre and post waxing

●         During our waxing treatment you will have   key information and education  on how

to keep the skin ready for your waxing maximum results.


●         Shaving make you feel like stubble, spiky instantly within the same day,

●         Shaving irritates the skin 3 times more than waxing

●         Your hair grows back thicker, stronger and quickly within 2-4 days.

●         Shaving creates burned, rushed, dry, skin, blisters

●         Ingrown hair it’s very problematic it usually takes 4 months treatments to remove the in-grown

●         time around. Even though I reduce 80% of the regular pain and skin inflammation you should

●         expect redness, slight inflammation, in the days following the procedure.

●         Waxing provides you with a long-lasting bare skin