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The Truth About Our Painless Waxing VS The Brutality Of Regular Waxing

The Truth behind the waxing treatments, Time to say NO to the brutally,

When it comes for waxing treatments, most of the time consumers males and females don’t know what is the truth behind waxing treatments,  The solution it is not on the products, as multimillion- dollar  manufacturing waxing products DON’T help any consumers or estheticians to provide a safety, relaxing  waxing treatments,

 95% of clients I meet in my office every day, they shared with me their previous painful experience, as many men are joining our waxing community the newbies are the once who really suffer the most.

They are left with various skin inflammation, irritation, bleeding, ingrown hair to burned skin and the very painful experience. Ladies and gentlemen   It is time to STOP the brutality, its time to update the old school, old techniques, that is no longer benefits our clients, consumers men and women,  It is time to get re-trained, updating and learn the proper way to do waxing,

With Our Painless waxing you will Get:

  1. Our painless waxing techniques reduce 80-90% of regular pain
  1. We are specialized on bikini Brazilian and Manzilian wax
  2. We focus on waxing treatment as comfortable, enjoyable and safety as possible.
  3. We do NOT offer superficial wax; we remove 100% of hair follicle roots
  4. After each wax session hair regrows thinner and over 6-8 months hair will reduce  60% – 70%   permanently
  5. Our waxing it’s a customized approach to each individual skin and hair type
  6. We offer the best waxing and relaxing “experience”
  7. It’s NOT about the multi-million dollar waxing products. it’s about our painless waxing techniques,
  8. Through passion, responsibility and expertise we strive to help our cents to achieve inner health, beauty and wellbeing.

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