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The Latest Hair Removal: Painless Waxing Hair Removal

Many of us are gearing up to visit the beach, the pool, boat parties, or take a summer vacation. But this thought becomes daunting when you realize you need to achieve a clean bikini Brazilian, legs, or full body for men and women.

Hair removal choices are almost limitless, ranging from razor, laser, and waxing services.  Every year the market is inundated with a variety of new waxing products promising that it will eliminate the pain. But that is not true, Sadly, when it comes to waxing, hair removal is not about the product, it’s about ‘Science.”

The main question is: where can we find a non-invasive waxing service?

Why is waxing related to pain? Even worse, when it comes to men and women intimate areas like Brazilian Mansplain, how can clients be prevented from traumatic painful experiences bleeding, extreme skin inflammation, red bumps, or ingrown hair?


The only waxing treatment that offers a unique package bundle with many health benefits for the skin and reduces hair permanently!

It is better than laser

In the past 30-40 years, there hasn’t been any innovation in waxing hair removal methods like this. For the past 5 years, I have been working with and studying extensively the science of body hair. based on the latest scientific information on the structural the anatomical and physiological features of human body hair, with over 550 case studies from my clients. 

Working with over 85 different cultures, with a wide variety of ethnics, mixed ethnics, races, different nationalities, and backgrounds coming for their waxing at Eco Beauty MedSpa at our main office in Toronto every month. I noticed the Arabic, middle eastern, Indians, Thailand, Italian, Portuguese, ethnicities are more challenged strong-rooted, coarse and very dense hair in comparison to European.

This helped me to developing a successfully painless waxing methods that everybody loves it.

Human body hair is more complex than we learned in college many years ago. Everyone has a unique hair characteristic, it is based on their genetics, ethnic, and mix of ethnicities, and background, which determines, the type of hair they have.

Evidence on hair follicles structure it is highly affected & it’s removed permanently

The unprecedented results: our case studies have shown consistently a significant amount of hair follicles have been destroyed at the root.  The techniques work with all types of hair regardless of the pigment, it works with (blond, red, white, gray, and black hair). In addition, it also removes the vellus hair, the smaller, finer, thinner hairs, only electrolysis used to destroy the root of the vellus hair. Unlike laser hair removal they cannot remove the Vellus hairs neither laser cannot remove all types of hair.

Evidence of bold patches with no hair have been shown above.


The beliefs were (a human hair is usually classified in three conventional ethnic human subgroups. i.e, African Asian and European).

Scientific Research

Latest science research has illustrated that over eight different ethnic human subgroups have been used to study the morphological and physiological characteristics of hair. A recent study found that by measuring three easily available factors — curve diameter, curl index, and the number of waves — it is possible to classify diverse hairs found around the world into eight primary coherent hair kinds. Many scientific domains, including biology, dermatology, aesthetics, forensics, and medicine, have done research on human hair.

I started the treatment with both the skin and hair assessments to determine what type of waxing technique is suitable for each patience. It is a customized technique that targets very small areas to penetrates the deeper layer of the skin which allows removing the entire hair follicles at the root.

Our clinical records indicate the following:

Most of our clients feel very comfortable and all of them had the best waxing experience and they share their public testimonials online.

  • The techniques eliminate 50%-90% of regular pain.
  • The techniques is not invasive, it offers a highest level of comfort safety and it is 100% holistic.
  • Hair density & thickness is affected by 30%-60% hair regrow finer and thinner in many cases this effect happens after the first or second waxing treatment.
  • The hair cycle also has been affected 50% by slowing down the regrow process, instead of taking 2-3 weeks, it takes 7 to 8 weeks to regrow the hair.

Total skin rejuvenation

The painless waxing techniques penetrate the deepest level of the skin; in the process, we noticed the skin also improved dramatically right after the first waxing treatment.

  • Improve pigmentation, it brightens uneven dark spots, the armpits & Brazilian areas.
  • removes debris, clogged pores, dead cells, ingrown hairs. Improve acne issues.
  • Exfoliates the skin at the deepest level, similar to microdermabrasion.
  • Leaving the skin brighten,, smooth, silky, glowing, and rejuvenated.

The painless waxing methods initially began as a passion project searching to find a better solution to eliminates the painful waxing experience. Slowly grew into Toronto’s community’s appreciation of the new and gentle method of hair removal, Finally, people can enjoy the highest level of comfort and safety.

The real challenge was, to create a customized technique suitable to their ethnicity.  During this fascinated journey I noticed something changed, As I am continuing working and testing various methods, the techniques and results were EVOLVING, taking that initial concept from painless waxing and moving it with more benefits to permanently remove the hair. The holistic Painless waxing innovation goes beyond all expectations.

The hair follicles are reduced permanently 40%-60%. Unprecedented results! This incredible effect begins with displays of small isolated empty patches or circles with no hair, meaning that hair follicles on those areas have been removed permanently. As we are continuing the monthly waxing treatments, those empty patches keep expanding throughout many parts of the body every month. This innovation is better than laser hair removal and it’s also cost-effective.

See the images below to assess the results:

Bold patches with no hair, in those areas hair follicles have been removed permanently

regrow finer, thinner.


I believe this is a greatest contribution for consumers worldwide, people deserves a gentler and better waxing treatments.

I feel the waxing hair removal services need to be updated, and I hope many other salon spas follow this painless waxing method. Our life tyle has improved dramatically and the demand on hair removal keeps growing, people from all over the globe wants to feel fresh, cleaner and it really helps to boost their self-confident, feeling great, feeling beautiful inside out is a great state of mind, it lifts the physical, mental emotional and the spirit.

Men grooming is in high demand, and their booking at my clinic continuing increasing every month. The. problem is many salon spas don’t want to work with men hair, neither with men intimate areas.

We are opening our online school very soon.

At this moment Eco Beauty MedSpa is expanding; We are getting ready to open our First International Branch in South Beach Miami Fl next month.

Thank You

Gloria Silva

CEO & Founder of Eco Beauty MedSpa

Author and Creator of this holistic painless waxing innovation

Certified Holistic Therapist

Medical Esthetician