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$20 extra for every $100

Gift card is applicable for any procedures in the salon.
Price: $100 CAD
Value: $120 CAD
Special expired 07/31/2020

Retreat; Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Facial & Aromatherapy

105 minutes – $150 CAD

60 min for mature/fatigued skin * Refreshing cleanser gently cleanses & revitalizes skin. Active stimulant boosts cellular metabolism to increase collagen production * includes face Rejuvenating Massage to boosts skin firmness & tonicity * rejuvenates skin & restores skin elasticity.

45 min Full body aromatherapy relax detox and rejuvenate your mind, body and uplift your spirit.

Organic Purify Back Scrub & Massage Therapy

75 minutes – $100 CAD

30 – min an invigorating exfoliates body treatment uses vitamin & antioxidant-rich products to melt away dryness. Eliminates, leaves lustrous, smooth & radiant skin.

45 relaxation massage to relax, detox and rejuvenate body mind and spirit.

Ladies Full Legs Brazilian & Armpits
Painless Waxing

70 minutes – $100 CAD

30 min You will enjoy full legs painless waxing with our best natural organic tea tree Aloe vera or azulene wax great for waxing large area.

40 min we will apply our newest Titanium Dioxide cream wax formulated for overly sensitive skin great for your bikini Brazilian wax, in addition to our painless waxing technique, adding more relaxation and comfort to our painless waxing techniques. Leaving your skin clean, fresh healthier, and glowing.