From Brazilian Bikini Painless Waxing
To Full Body Waxing

The Difference Between Regular Old Fashion Waxing Vs Our Exclusive Painless Waxing

When it comes to skin care treatments, We believe in the natural holistic approach, and we focus both in our customers maximum comfort and to remain the skin healthy.

The Main Reason of Our Success

Our painless waxing techniques is based on target  small area at the time , the smaller the strip the less pain, it takes double the time compare with many other salon spas, by doing this  it will pull the entire hair follicles roots in a very gentle manner, without preventing the old fashion painful experience and preventing damage the skin

We take our time and customize our  painless waxing techniques based on your type of skin sensitivity, your background and  hair texture,

 Our painless waxing prevents you of any skin damage, ripped or bleeding skin and preventing you from unnecessary in-grown hair.

 We always leave the skin smoother, healthier and glowing It really show up the results right after we finish the waxing.

 All our clients male and females, they see immediate results In addition they enjoy many other benefits

 A skin improvements month after month,  THEY ALL LOVE IT…

Before & After Waxing

Ladies Painless Waxing Pricelist

below the belt grooming


upper body

lower body

full body