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How to: Overcome Coronavirus Anxiety and Mental Distress

In the current state we are living, where it feels as though Coronavirus/Covid-19 is running our lives, it is easy to understand how the mental health of the general public has been negatively affected. If you find yourself exhausted by conversations about the virus or you don’t feel quite like yourself because of social isolation, you may be looking for ways to release the stress and anger brought on by Covid-19. That’s what we’re looking into today.

Maybe you want to watch the news in order to stay informed, but you don’t know how because it negatively impacts both your mental and physical health. Maybe you just want to find a way to quiet your mind after a long day of thinking. We may all very well be feeling drained by current events at this point, but here are some pointers on how to fight back against anxiety and mental distress during this time of incredible uncertainty.

Explore Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has recently made its way into the mainstream workout scene, and many people cite it as one of the most helpful practices to improve their physical and mental well-being. Since yoga often incorporates meditation as well, it’s known to combat stress and anxiety. If you’re not yet a believer in yoga and its benefits, here are a few reasons why you should be:

  • Physical health impacts mental health, and vice versa. So, making yourself stronger physically with exercise will positively impact the chemicals your brain releases.
  • Yoga promotes the necessary connection between the awareness of both mind and body.
  • It’s easy to do it at home, so it can be inexpensive and, among Covid-19, can still be practiced.
  • Yoga promotes mindfulness.

Practice Mindfulness

It’s easy, nowadays, to get absorbed in the constant cycle of disheartening news. Things that are happening far away suddenly seem very real when more and more devastating stories are released. Mindfulness is a tool to help you to remain in the present moment rather than turning over your worries about the future or mistakes of the past in your mind. Sometimes, we can get caught in the web of a stressful daydream so intricate that we momentarily forget where we are. Practicing awareness of the body and the mind, such as with yoga, is a good first step in bringing yourself back to the ground and away from your stressors if only for a while.

Pick Up a Low-Commitment Hobby

Low-commitment hobbies (such as knitting and leisure reading) allow you to come back to them whenever you feel it would benefit you the most. While time-sensitive hobbies, like having a weekly book club, can definitely be healthy and uplifting, they can sometimes leave us stressing more because we are human and, therefore, we procrastinate. If you know that this is one of your habits, don’t put a deadline on your hobbies and make them work for you.

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