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How Our Painless Bikini Brazilian Wax Techniques Work

Most of us cringe when we hear someone mention the practice of a Brazilian wax, as it’s known to be quite painful. In most businesses that offer the Brazilian wax, this would be true, except for the Eco Beauty Med Spa. If you wax with us, our methods are holistic, meaning you enjoy a painless wax that is both enjoyable and rejuvenating. Gentlemen love waxing with us, as well. In fact, there are benefits of men bikini painless waxing with us.

Bikini Brazilian waxing isn’t just for women. It’s for men too. In fact, bikini waxing for men is increasing the number of clients we receive at our spa every month. The benefits of painless Brazilian waxing with us are that it will leave you feeling clean and fresh and well-groomed and best of all, without any pain. The benefits are skin deep as well and will improve the texture of your hair. You can expect the wax to last 3-4 weeks. Our methods are customized to your specific skincare needs ensuring that you no longer have to deal with stubble and dry, itchy skin.

Unlike other bikini Brazilian waxing methods, if you get a painless bikini Brazilian wax for men with the Eco Beauty Med Spa, your hair will grow back thinner every time. Our bikini waxes for men also ensure you are protected from the transmission of most common STDs such as pulvic lice. Overall, you receive a fresh look and feel that can’t be beaten.

Will It Hurt?

As explained earlier, our methods are holistic and customized to eliminate as much pain as possible. All you need to do is relax and feel comfortable and let us do the work. For first time clients, we eliminate 50-60 percent of pain, and for regular clients, we eliminate about 90 percent of the pain.

Before Your Bikini Brazilian Wax

The key to a painless bikini Brazilian wax is preventing ingrown hairs in the first place. You can prevent ingrown hairs by regularly exfoliating in the shower at least 4-5 days a week. Try to make it a permanent step in your beauty routine for maximized benefits.

Bikini Brazilian Wax Aftercare

At the Eco Beauty Med Spa, we care about our clients the moment they walk in the door extending beyond when they leave our spa. We want you to be satisfied and feeling fresh for as long as possible, so we have created the painless bikini Brazillian wax aftercare technique to fulfill your needs. When you leave our spa, we recommend you keep the area cool and dry for up to 48 hours after your wax is complete. Try to avoid touching and rubbing the area and avoid exercise, sports, or any environment that would promote the growth of bacteria. After the recommended 48-hour wait is complete, we recommend you scrub the area 3 times a week to keep the area hydrated and fresh.

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