One of the principles to achieve ‘’success’ is to have vision, courage, clarity and consistently set clear intentions for who you want to be each day. Focus on what skills you must develop to win in the future and how, you can make a difference and serve with excellence.

5 Tips For Waxing & Business Success

When it comes to start up or managing your business it is not easy. All of us can still have the same weaknesses, It is not about how long you have been in business; it is not about how beautiful is your salon spa. It’s is not how about how many diplomas we are collecting, on our walls,

Training, investing and Learning is a life path. Changes happen every day around the world, in science, technology and within the beauty industry, keep ourselves updating to mastering our skills, learning latest tools, tips, strategies and techniques, to improve tour services and for business expansion.

It is a wakeup call to change our mind-set. No matter how small or big is your business,

Here some tips for Waxing Business and Success

It often amazes me how many therapists don’t work with anything other than talc. Would you do a facial without cleansing the skin first?

When it comes for waxing Do you think your clients deserve to be pampered? Before and after their hairs and ripped from their body? A memorable experience is what my clients enjoys as they mentioned on their reviews. Yes they enjoyed the non-invasive painless waxing procedures but also they are amazed feeing pampered, and relaxed.

I recommend using quality oil, cleansing before and after waxing. Soothing, lotion the tee tree helps to relax it as well. Waxing seems to be lacking, some therapists or spa owners don’t understand, that it’s the little things that stick in clients minds, they expect you to wax them, they may not expect you to leave feeling refreshed, and pampered. Which all my clients enjoyed and keep coming back

I understand when salon spas or therapists get busy they need to go fast, And when it comes to waxing services …This could be the most critical moment, you can make it or break it…. I’m surprised 90% of new male clients coming to my office; they share with me their previous painful and harmful waxing experience,

Fast Quick Waxing, whenever you see this stay away from that type of fast service, many movements occurs during the waxing, if you are in the rush, most likely you’ll make wrong movements, that’s creates unnecessary pain, ingrown hair, bleeding, pigment and damaged skin

Here one of the solutions. If two therapists can work on the one client at the same time, this will mean more clients through the door. The client can feel very special as they are given the “royal treatment” for the same price. Another benefits when two therapists work together they become motivated ad more team focuses.

Never think you or your staff knows it all, specially with waxing there are so many wonderful techniques, and tips you can gain from each other in a salon. Something that may seem so simple to one has never occurred to someone else. Spend time 3-4 times a month with all your staff performing treatment and see what you can learn from each other. LOOK INTO SPECIALIZED TRAINING the Bikini Brazilian and Manzilian or chest waxing and keep updating to mastering your services.

This should be our priority every day. “Never lose your focus and always be shifting your goals”, you and your business need to evolve but don’t forget to involve your staff in this process. They need goals too, set them, work on them and watch them be achieved.

I can’t understand when I see some other business using home brand kitchen paper towel as an example, they buy the cheaper version and they don’t see they have to use more of it compare with the more expensive one. Have you really saved anything? This is only to have your staff waste it all. We need to keep in mind quality products made from quality ingredients, and it will you to bring better outcomes for your clients.

Quality products is important but don’t forget that your experience, knowledge and expertise
will help you achieve the success where many other waxing business failed