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5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Boosting your immune system is a great way to prevent catching common illnesses like a cold. To boost your immune system, you should eat a healthy balanced diet filled with fruit, veggies, and whole grains. You can add these healthy foods to give your immune system an extra boost.

What healthy foods will help support your immune system?

Bell peppers

Bell peppers are filled with Vitamin C. A recent study found that vitamin C deficiency will make you weaker against infections and reduce your immunity.

Red bell peppers have the most vitamin C as they have been on the vine the longest. But all bell peppers are good for you.

To keep your vitamin C levels high, you can add bell peppers to a stir fry. They’re also great roasted with wholewheat pasta.


Broccoli is an excellent all-rounder to add to your diet. Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable. That  means it contains choline. For good gut bacteria, we should eat plenty of foods that contain choline.

Broccoli also contains lots of antioxidants and major nutrients like magnesium.

The next time you’re making a soup or broth, add in some broccoli! If you’re looking for some extra flavor with your broccoli, add it to a curry recipe or roast it with some garlic.


Studies have found that garlic can be beneficial in reducing the length of colds and the severity of the symptoms. If you want an easy way to boost your immune system, there’s nothing better than a few cloves of garlic in your meal.

To keep your garlic at its best and get the most benefits from it, we recommend letting the garlic set for a few minutes before use. This can help the garlic keep more of its beneficial nutrients.


All leafy greens are beneficial. Maybe you’ve heard that kale is a superfood, but don’t underestimate spinach!

Spinach has plenty of nutrients and antioxidants such as calcium and zeaxanthin. It’s best if you can keep spinach fresh, so make some room in your freezer.

Putting spinach in your fruit smoothies or soups is a super simple way to get extra nutrients into your diet and boost your immune system.

You can also add spinach to your sandwiches and wraps to get more greens in your diet.


If you’re looking to make an immune-boosting breakfast, then oats are your friend. Oats are filled with immune-boosting components like beta-glucan which helps your body get rid of bacteria. Oats also have lots of zinc which are crucial to keeping your immune system in its best condition.

A banana, peanut butter, and oat smoothie is a classic that will keep you and your immune system happy. You can also make overnight oats for an easy immune-boosting breakfast and top with berries for extra vitamin A!

What do you like best on your oats? Tell us in the comment section below.

More Than Diet

Boost your immune system even more with exercise, a vitamin tablet, and stress relief. Read our tips on boosting your emotional and physical well-being to learn more!