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4 killer tips to convert leads and prospects into clients

Are you having trouble converting leads to future clients? Well we got you, there are four killer tips that will boost your clientele. It all starts with connecting with your client.

  • Grabbing your client’s attention

One of the most important aspects of grabbing clients is to grab their focus. Yes, statistics of clients who may view your “website” or “come in your store” does not mean that they are interested. You must show them that what your business does is worth their time and attention. Relate to your customers and listen so they know that you have their best interest.

  • Trace the results

It is so easy to get excited about obtaining your goal. On the other hand, a customer might be upset about your product, but your too focused on the one that was happy. Make sure ALL your clients are satisfied with your care and meet their needs.

  • Follow-through

Its always important to follow up with your client. Whether it’s an email or a survey, following up is an important way to make sure your client is happy with your service. Harvard Business Review states that B2B has slow response times from the sales teams. Here are some of the fascinating results.

  • The average first response time of B2B companies to their leads was 42 hours
  • Only 37% of companies responded to their leads within an hour
  • 16% of companies responded within one to 24 hours

These results show that it’s important to follow up! Make your company be the percentage that responds to clients less than 42 hours. More you care about your clients the better the results will be. There are many resources out there that can help with connecting with your clients, which will improve your business. This article here can help you figure what you need for your company’s needs.

  • Pay attention to the issue

As technology advances, its easier to research your company even by third parties! The third parties could be your competitors that drive away the attention from your clients to their service. According to an Accenture study94% of B2B buyers conduct online research at some point in the buying process.”  It’s important to address the problems that are presented by the other research. The clients want to know the truth about your service. So just LISTEN to your customers and always ask is they have any questions.

Out of all these tips, the important thing is to attend to your clients and show them the benefits of giving your service. Business is usually looked at numbers and statistics but look behind the scenes. It all starts with the client and how they are treated from your product or service.